Justice and a Judge for All

“I want the accused to believe that he or she will receive a fair hearing by a judge who cares deeply about the integrity of the process; I want the crime victim to know that their voice will be heard; I want lawyers to know that I will read their papers and listen to their arguments with an open mind; I want the witness to know that their testimony is necessary and that the subpoena was issued in good faith; and I want jurors to believe that they are honored and important participants in our justice system.”


“We ask that voters in Harris County who support strong judges who always do the right thing, to join us and vote to re-elect Judge Jay Karahan.”

Ray Hunt
President, Houston Police Officers' Union

“Jay, keep up the good work on the bench. We need more judges like Jay Karahan!”

Congressman Ted Poe
Member, US House of Representatives, 2nd District of Texas, and retired Texas State District Judge

“Judge Karahan has proven himself to be a fair, even-handed jurist.  His faithful adherence to the Bill of Rights is refreshing.  I look forward to practicing in Judge Karahan’s court.”

Chris Tritico
Attorney, past President Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association

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