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  • Precinct Chair #1, Shane Gilroy
  • Precinct Chair #2, Lee Krause
  • Precinct Chair #3, Douglas Coleman
  • Precinct Chair #15, Ramsay Elder
  • Precinct Chair #16, Jimmy Papadatos
  • Precinct Chair #20, Kristy Bridges
  • Precinct Chair #32, Dave Smith
  • Precinct Chair #33, S.D. Chair #15, Rolando Garcia
  • Precinct Chair #34, Regina Recinos
  • Precinct Chair #37, Kathleen Osborne
  • Precinct Chair #38, James Rains
  • Precinct Chair #54, Douglas Markham
  • Precinct Chair #55, Danny  Zang
  • Precinct Chair #70, Joe Pelati
  • Precinct Chair #95, Mary Sergesketter
  • Precinct Chair #99, Karl Falken
  • Precinct Chair #141, Julio Torres
  • Precinct Chari #154, Marco Roberts
  • Precinct Chair #155, Russell Rush
  • Precinct Chair #189, Patricia Phillips
  • Precinct Chair #211, Larry Bowles
  • Precinct Chair #217, Susan Rutherford
  • Precinct Chair #223, Bonnie Lugo
  • Precinct Chair #227, James Bartley
  • Precinct Chair #260, Morad Fiki
  • Precinct Chair #262, Elizabeth Ingersoll
  • Precinct Chair #263, Fred Blanton Founder of Spring Tea Party
  • Precinct Chair #270, Michael Stanart
  • Precinct Chair #272, Jennifer Knesek
  • Precinct Chair #274, Peter Haney
  • Precinct Chair #287, Michael Baker
  • Precinct Chair #293, Jonathan Hansen
  • Precinct Chair #297, Elizabeth Akin
  • Precinct Chair #298, Tim Taft
  • Precinct Chair #302, S.D. Chair #6, Rex Teter
  • Precinct Chair #309, Grant Dunwoody
  • Precinct Chair #310, Jim Kirkwood
  • Precinct Chair $315, Ann Lee
  • Precinct Chair #324, John Baucum
  • Precinct Chair #340, Donna Hilshire
  • Precinct Chair #358, Michael Anderson
  • Precinct Chair #397, Donna Beard
  • Precinct Chair #405, William C Wilson
  • Precinct Chair #417, Gabriel Gonzales
  • Precinct Chair #443, Nicholas Radack
  • Precinct Chair #448, Claudette Rogers
  • Precinct Chair #459, S.D. Chair #4, Alice Rekeweg
  • Precinct Chair #480, Melissa Rowell
  • Precinct Chair #492, Thomas Korkmas
  • Precinct Chair #532, Cynthia Coker
  • Precinct Chair #588, Bobby Fuller
  • Precinct Chair #629, Michael Pollak
  • Precinct Chair #637, Mathew Brown
  • Precinct Chair #644, Ed Sarlis
  • Precinct Chair #657, Demetrium Snell
  • Precinct Chair #659, Dr Janie Branham
  • Precinct Chair #668, Cody Roberts
  • Precinct Chair #701, Rev. Paul Arthur
  • Precinct Chair #706, Roy Streckfuss
  • Precinct Chair #710, Annie Goedicke
  • Precinct Chair #789, Jan Ott
  • Precinct Chair #805, Drake Cameron
  • Precinct Chair #828, Charlotte Lampe
  • Precinct Chair #853, James Fuselier
  • Precinct Chair #877, Kelly Horsely
  • Precinct Chair #882, John C Osenbaugh
  • Precinct Chair #885, George Brian Vaclins
  • Precinct Chair #889, Nolan Shultz
  • Precinct Chair #895, Ted Hirtz
  • Precinct Chair #899, Marlin Williford
  • Precinct Chair #916, Amy Holsworth
  • Jerry Acosta, Founder, Acosta Law, PC
  • Cordt Akers, Cogdell Lawfirm
  • Phillip Aronoff
  • Carol Bailey, Attorney
  • Joe W Bailey II, Founding Partner Hinton & Bailey LLP
  • Martin D. Beirne, former Founding Partner Beirne, Maynard Parsons, LLP, Senior Partner, Akerman, LLP
  • Maisie A. Barringer, Jenkins & Kamin, LLP
  • Stanley B. Broussard, Stanley B. Broussard, PC

Judge Karahan ranked in the top 25% of county criminal court judges for “well qualified” in the Houston Bar Association 2017 Judicial Evaluation Questionnaire.

"Judge Karahan and I were former colleagues while working as Assistant United States Attorneys. He had a remarkable work effort and continually sought justice in each of the matters he investigated. I have also observed his demeanor and conduct while he has been on the Bench and believe that he is exactly the type of County Court-at-Law Judge who will continue to represent the citizens of Harris County in a professional and even-handed fashion."

"The Houston Police Officers' Union PAC voted unanimously in support of Judge Jay Karahan's re-election to County Court at Law #8. During Judge Karahan's service on the bench he has been a fair judge who follows the law and has true compassion for crime victims who depend on him to make sure justice prevails.  Officers are both proud and honored to support him and ask that voters in Harris County who support strong judges who always do the right thing, to join us and vote to re-elect Judge Jay Karahan to Harris County Court of Law #8."

"Jay, please add my name to the list of endorsements in support of your re-election to serve Harris County Criminal Court at Law No. 8.  I've...visited your website and applaud you for your service to our County.  We need judges like you, Jay, to provide fair, even-minded and fundamentally sound decisions for all who come before your court."

"Judge Karahan has proven himself to be a fair, even-handed jurist.  His faithful adherence to the Bill of Rights is refreshing.  I look forward to practicing in Judge Karahan's court."

Chris Tritico

From the Mailbag

Dear Judge Karahan,

Thank you for allowing my spouse the opportunity to partake in the DIVERT program. I am thankful my spouse is getting a second chance, as it is my spouse’s first brush with the law and my spouse is still a very high functioning person with a great job. I am most appreciative that my spouse is receiving chemical abuse counseling and treatment through DIVERT. Like many with problematic behavior that is progressively worsening, my spouse was 100% closed to the well intentioned advice of his loving family and was able to deny there was a problem. The arrest, court process and now through DIVERT, ignoring the destructiveness of the situation is impossible and has forced a new perspective.

Thank you again for allowing my spouse this opportunity and for providing us a chance to save our family. Like many families where substance abuse is a problem for 1 member, we have been floundering in dysfunction. As a loved one, watching the situation worsen and to deal with the day-to-day living with an abuser of alcohol has been painful, difficult and heartbreaking. While things are difficult, they seem to be improving. Thank you for your compassionate, educated and very “pro-family” decision.

Kind regards,
Harris County Spouse

Dear Judge Karahan,

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for saving my life. I was in front of you for my 3rd DWI in 2006. In the process I could not stay sober no matter what I tried until you sent me to AA. I have been sober four years now, sobriety date is 3/9/2006. I have worked with 1000’s of people in my same situation and still do on a daily basis. Your Honor, you saved my life like so many others you gave a chance to better themselves. I realized early on with so many different addictions there was no way I could do it alone. God helped me find the 24 Hour Club, it is a men’s detox and rehab for people with no insurance. I stayed for 2 years until I knew I had enough of a foundation and a loving God “THE THING I NEEDED MOST IN MY LIFE” to make it on the outside. June of 2008 I left there & continued to work with others. My life is better than it has ever been and I owe that to GOD, YOU & MYSELF.

I love you Judge Karahan, and would like to let you know that. I had tried almost everything and could not quit until you helped me understand that I was not a bad person, I messed up and had to take the consequences I was a 35 year old child and because of you I have lived to see 39 years old, and now have a reason to live instead of trying to kill myself. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you and I am there. I truly love you and can’t express how much you changed me and my whole life.

Thank you,

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