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“Jay, please add my name to the list of endorsements in support of your re-election to serve Harris County Criminal Court at Law No. 8.  I’ve…visited your website and applaud you for your service to our County.  We need judges like you, Jay, to provide fair, even-minded and fundamentally sound decisions for all who come before your court.”

“The Houston Police Officers’ Union PAC voted unanimously in support of Judge Jay Karahan’s re-election to County Court at Law #8. During Judge Karahan’s service on the bench he has been a fair judge who follows the law and has true compassion for crime victims who depend on him to make sure justice prevails.  Officers are both proud and honored to support him and ask that voters in Harris County who support strong judges who always do the right thing, to join us and vote to re-elect Judge Jay Karahan to Harris County Court of Law #8.”

“Judge Karahan and I were former colleagues while working as Assistant United States Attorneys. He had a remarkable work effort and continually sought justice in each of the matters he investigated. I have also observed his demeanor and conduct while he has been on the Bench and believe that he is exactly the type of County Court-at-Law Judge who will continue to represent the citizens of Harris County in a professional and even-handed fashion.”

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