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HCRP Lincoln Reagan Dinner

HCRP Lincoln Reagan Dinner

Judge Karahan sponsored a table for filled with attendees who enjoyed several speakers, including Keynote speaker House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Judge Karahan is seen here with Harris County Judge Ed Emmett, and Bill King.

Judge Karahan Replaces Judge Robin Brown As SOBER Court Judge

Judge Karahan Replaces Judge Robin Brown as SOBER Court Judge

Judge Karahan has assumed the duties as SOBER Court judge, replacing retiring Judge Robin Brown who has admirably served as SOBER Court judge for 9 years. He joins judges Natalie Fleming, Paula Goodhart, Diane Bull, and Don Smyth in working with repeat DWI offenders in a special therapeutic court docket. Judges Bull, Brown and Karahan launched the original SOBER courts in 2008, and Judge Karahan is pleased to be rejoining his SOBER Court team which has since grown into a nationally recognized DWI court program.

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